Can wicker be painted?

Refurbishing of old and worn out furniture it’s an idea which is recently gaining more attention from its users. Nowadays it is also getting more popular. It’s an economic and ecological approach, and on top of that it often rewards with a lot of satisfaction and joy. If you own some old furniture or other items of everyday household life made of wicker and you wonder if there is a way to repaint it and make it nice and fresh again? The answer is definitely Yes!… Give the second life to items made of wicker: All you need is the proper paint and a bit of your free time.

Step 1 : refreshing

You own an old and a bit worn out item made of wicker? Before you step into action you must consider refreshing it first: First thing first, you should start with cleaning it thoroughly from all the dust, grease and other types of dirt that have accumulated over time. For this step it’s good to use a rice brush. You should also perform a check and fix, reattach some loose or missing parts. The more time and effort you put in the first step, the better the final result would be. What should be avoided? First of all, using too much water (wicker doesn’t like it too much), second of all, using too much soap – safer to go would be simply a mixture of water and vinegar, or water and hydrogen peroxide.

Step 2: choosing paint

The choice of color is left up to you: you can go for colorless lacquer keeping natural beauty, or any other color you desire, for example white or turquoise. In order to reach the best effect It takes more than cleaning the surface to reach the best effect. It also requires wicker designated paint. You should be able to find appropriate paint in your local construction warehouse.

Step 3: painting!

There are many methods of painting household products made of wicker. You can use traditional paint brush with wicker designated paint. For some, the spray paint could be a way to go; for others, paint sprayer. It all depends on your personal preferences. Especially if you have any hard to reach areas you might need additional solutions – The truth is that the majority of the painting lovers will go for an old fashioned paint brush and they will enjoy every moment of their work on wicker pieces. This simple method will give you a satisfying effect for sure.

When is it right time for wicker painting?

The best as well as the safest time for this kind of job is definitely the summer, late autumn or early spring – when the weather allows us to work in the garden, because it would be probably one of the best places to choose for this task. It would help to avoid any damage or mess caused around your house or apartment. The drying time will also be shortened. In some cases it might be necessary to repeat the process a few times in order to achieve the desired effect. It is definitely worth it!

Can the wicker be painted? Yes, definitely – when it is really worn out and it looks like it lost most of its aesthetic look it is even necessary. The refurbishing of old furniture and giving it a second life so to speak is a great thing to do. It will save us money and help save our environment. You don’t have to throw away; try to go for a change, instead. If you really don’t have any idea or purpose for your piece of wicker anymore, maybe you could resell it or offer it to someone else. Who knows, maybe your piece of furniture will find a new home.