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These are the three

principles our business is based on.


Because we make products with respect, ecological awareness, and with knowledge based on our experience. At last, the raw material grows basically at our doorstep, in the area where we live, where we raise our children. We hope that we don’t have to tell you much more in order to convince you that the environment matters to us.

Nature is important to us.


Because otherwise we can’t. We have customers that have been with us from the beginning. The Company was created back in the early nineties! We are fully aware that without them, without their trust, we would mean nothing in business. One can ask a question. What would be the company without its loyal customers? Yes, exactly. Nothing.

People are important to us.


Because it’s plain and simple. The market is dictating strict policies and each company is trying to exceed the expectations, to prove themselves, to offer a product nobody else does. We have been present on the market for many years and we realize that many things are simply not possible, we don’t want to race, we don’t want to make promises.

Honesty is important to us.

What do we make?

We create different kinds of products made of wicker, birch, straw or hazel. As well as decorations. We work with customers from all around Europe and beyond.

How do we cooperate?

We don’t have a call center, or translators – all e-mails and calls are answered by people in charge, with people who cut their teeth on this business, who are decision makers and for whom you don’t have to wait for. I bet you know how important that is.

And… we could go on and on like this and make things up; however, as we have already mentioned, we like specifics. That is most important to us.

Is that good enough for you?
We certainly hope so!

Who are we?

The Creators of Practical Things with the “Made in Poland” label. Without the sky is the limit but with honesty and straight forward approach. With “we like people” written on our faces, voices and e-mails. With products which don’t need to prove anything or any certificates. Putting it simply “ they do their job”
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