We create.

From natural resources. With sympathy to nature. Without mediocrity, double standards and manufacturer’s bragging.
At Fency we don’t make everything and we are not for everyone. It is where we begin, it is where we start off. We have been present on the market for too long to make empty promises and to tell you that we can do it all. No, we can’t.
It’s handcraft, it requires time, talent and experience. It’s people’s hand labor, these are mistakes and swearwords, it is a process, which we can’t simply speed up. It’s not possible, wholesale quantities, in all shapes and sizes? With nature we live in peace and we don’t want to take advantage of. We do remarkable work, it is our advantage. We certainly hope that this will make it for you! We do speak English. We are on time. We practice Fair Trade. We are constantly growing, expanding our offering, however on the other side of the phone still stand the same people for many, many years. At last we are a family business. We like specifics. That is why we don’t want to tell you about quality, our professionality or 30 years of experience. We would rather show it. We would like our products to speak for themselves, so there is no need for the labels or certificates. We would like you to know that this is a great job. It is our goal.

Lukasz Olko

What do we do?

We create households products of everyday life
from Polish natural resources.

We are certainly much closer to craftsmen than artists. We strive to make a good job, one that won’t be afraid of shipping or passing years. We have been in this business for 30 years plus ; long enough to know how to help and support you with the whole process. And we are doing so.
years of experience
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We like working together.
It’s easy to get along with us.

Every Company works with customers – it’s obvious. Each company however has a different approach, different standards, offers different options, and understands customer service and above average differently. If we were about to brag in what we are the best in business that would be our people. Here at the Company as well as in everyday contacts with customers from around the World. In business we go for relationships.
Start your business partnership today with a company that knows that business is business principle in not what we believe in.
We invest in relationships.

How to place an order. How many products fit onto one pallet.How to plan so that ordered goods will make a full pallet and there won’t be any empty space left behind.

Lubimy. Przeskakiwać. Oczekiwania.

We do what we can so that our partnership could be easier than easy. So you wouldn’t have to worry about it, so you can order relaxed knowing that on the other side of the net are dedicated professionals, which will make sure that everything will go smooth and in the right direction. This will of course continue beyond the first order.

Our customer’s

Świetna współpraca, dopracowana oferta produktów, szybka realizacja. Polecam!


We work with Fency for years. Cooperation is always on the top level, if you have any doubts customer service will clear them all - and what matters the most to us - products are very popular among our customers. We recommend.

Ethan Walsh

Tradycyjne wyroby w ofercie, a obsługa klienta na poziomie nowoczesnego startup’u - po prostu polecam.


Tylko Fency. Współpracujemy od lat i nasza firma nigdy się nie zawiodła. Warto.


If you're looking for a legitimate manufacturer, one that will guide you through the whole ordering process from start to finish, and on top of that offers the best quality products you should go with Fency. We're with them for years.

Sophie Davies

About nature, business and Polish craftsmanship,
which are second to none.

Products made of natural components
that don’t need labels

Products sample photos

Wicker chests

Nativity houses


animal carriers

flower pots


wicker baskets

insect houses

That’s all.
Time for your move ; )