Products made of wicker, birch, hazel. For individual orders, for bigger orders, for years.


We create
from natural resources.

Natural resources, people’s craftsmanship, continuing generations – it is something that without a doubt awakens our nostalgia; it is the second bottom of our work. We prefer wicker products over steel and plastic. We prefer birch products over the rattling of machines and the smog coming from the chimneys. We prefer hazel products, classics, something that very effectively is surpassing temporary trends. At our office we are where we belong and it is visibly based on our work. Whatever you might order from us – wicker, birch, hazel products – those are the products with the origin Rudnik nad Sanem. You may not know that it is the Polish capital of this type of products. With rich tradition, history and its own methods. It is how our products become original and one of a kind. It is the work of human cancer from generations. That is what types of products we sell.


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Custom orders?
We do process them!

We won’t do it all. It’s not definitely how it is that all that limits us is our imagination. What limits us above all is the raw material. In products made of wicker, birch, etc. Wholesale also has its limit, its ceiling, because there are sometimes such quantities and such time spans which tear us apart. Which are simply not possible. In spite of it we do regularly process custom orders. What are those limits? Ask. It will be easier this way ; )